ECT admin image upload / resize AU02

Present your products to their best advantage with this full featured image management tool.

Fully integrated with the product admin page, you can rapidly browse to an image on your computer and once selected, your small, large and giant images are automatically created, optimized, named and uploaded to their specific folders. Category images are also handled in the same way. 

The inclusion of a preview of all images within the admin page ensures the accuracy of the upload process, and assists the store owner in identifying the product on an ongoing basis.

This is based on our successful AU01 product, developed and refined over 10 years.  Check the demonstration HERE to see how fast and easy it is to use.

Requires the ASP components AspUpload and AspJpeg (for the resize function) to be installed on your server.  Most good Windows hosts have these components, but if in doubt you should check with them.  Designed for ASP cart versions from 5.5.2 onwards and fully updated to the latest cart version 6.8.5

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ECT MySQL backup SD01

A simple and reliable method of manually backing up your PHP Ecommerce Templates MySQL store database. It's operable from within the store control panel and offers a one step process that's ideal for non-technical users who may be uncomfortable working with hosting control panels or database management software.

The code was originally provided free by and has been modified by us to improve both security and ease of use.

This is an addon and unaffected by ECT updaters. Designed for and tested on cart versions 5.3.0 and all later versions.

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ECT client file upload CF01

Perfect if your order process needs to have your client upload a file with his completed order.  Artwork, images, documents can be securely uploaded after purchase, and made available for download from the orders admin page. 

Unobtrusive in the order process and designed for security, this is a complete file management solution, not just an upload script.  It includes a function to email a special link to your customer so they may upload more files later if needed.

Designed for all ASP cart versions 5.2 onwards, through to the latest versions, requires the component AspUpload to be installed on your server (check with your host).  Complete with full instructions. New enhanced version 1.4 now released June 2014.

$30.00 USD

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