3rd generation shared hosting [updated July 10]

Sunday, May 7, 2017

We've had an announcement here regarding a completely re-built shared hosting architecture for a few months now.  Finally everything is ready to go with this and we'll be pushing ahead starting May 16, 2017.  

This is built on all new hardware, our fastest ever, in a security optimized network.  It will fully support all current and planned industry security best practices, including PCI/DSS requirements and by extension those set by PayPal, Authorize.net etc.

We'll be migrating sites in small groups by hand, and will contact site owners individually closer to the time.  Linux users will be the first to move during May through July 8, followed in the summer by Windows users. 

More information will be posted here as we have it.

[update June 27]  Our new Linux environment is fully operational and in production with live sites.  Currently we are completing migrations of Linux sites to the new system. This has been somewhat delayed due to repeated difficulties with the migration tools we use, but it is expected to be complete by July 8.  PayPal users who need to be moved by June 30 should be accomodated in time, although it appears from an announcement today that PayPal may now be allowing a little more time for the transition.  https://www.paypal-knowledge.com/infocenter/index?page=content&widgetview=true&id=FAQ1914&viewlocale=en_US

[update June 29]  Migration of all Linux accounts in the UK shared hosting group (London data center) has been completed successfully.  We have some brief notes for post migration steps that might be helpful here https://servelink.com/post-migration-help and our support crew are ready to assist with any other issues that may arise.

[update July 10]  All migrations in the US shared hosting group were completed successfully by the deadline of July 8 and everything is running well at this time.  We have a cheat sheet here https://servelink.com/post-migration-help which is updated with some important notes if you are facing any issues.

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