MyLittleAdmin support [update]

Friday, June 5, 2020

Following a recently announced security issue CVE-2020-13166 related to the MyLittleAdmin software we provide for MS SQL Server management, we have disabled access to it pending further investigation.  At this point, it seems improbable that the developer will patch the vulnerability and there are no comparable products on the market, leaving something of a gap.  

This software is not widely used among our Windows Server clients, but if you do need direct data access via GUI immediately all we can suggest is to download the database via the control panel, manipulate your data and then re-upload.  We will be seeking a better solution, but clearly security wins over convenience so we had to take the steps to disable before that new solution is known.  Our apologies for any difficulty caused by this.

[update] June 25 - there has been some further development on this and it looks like we should be able to get MyLittleAdmin patched as part of the next scheduled control panel update session in July.

[update] September 1 - this vulnerability has now been fully mitigated as a component of the recent update sessions for Windows Server shared hosting and MyLittleAdmin is available for use again.  Thanks for your patience.

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