Scheduled summer update session [updated]

Friday, July 24, 2020

We have a busy session of software and system updates over the next several weeks.  Control panel updates will be the most noticeable, but we'll be going through each server in turn and checking everything is good from top to bottom as we go, including Windows Server patches applied as appropriate.  This is not expected to be service impacting except where reboots are necessary on Windows systems, any important updates will be posted here and to Twitter   Support will of course be present to deal with any questions or concerns.

Next phase
Windows shared hosting is next up Friday, August 28th starting at 10 pm Pacific time.  Windows updates almost always need a reboot, so expect a few minutes offline while those are done.  We hope to follow with control panel updates and some other items if time permits, otherwise they will be deferred to August 29th, same time.  No customer impact expected for those.

[update] Windows Update session was completed as scheduled.  Control panel updates are ongoing and may involve some periods of non-availability for the panel as components receive their updates.  Hosted websites, mail, databases etc will continue without issue during this time.

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