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What are the system requirements for AU02?

Other than an ECT shopping cart version 5.5.2 or higher (users of older cart versions may use our AU01 product) running on a Windows server, the only system requirements are that the ASP components AspUpload and AspJpeg are installed on your server.  These components are written by Persits Software and most good Windows hosts have them installed for you to use at no charge.  These are not something you can install yourself unless you run your own server.  If in doubt check with your host.

The software can still operate on a limited scale (upload, name, preview image) without the presence of AspJpeg,  however the functions that resize and optimize your images will not be available.

Currently the software does not support the use of the SA FileUp component (as used by 1&1) or the obsolete AspSmartUpload.

You may need also the ability to set write permissions on your chosen product image location so that the software can create folders and place your images in them.


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