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How to: configure shared SSL (Windows / FrontPage ASP only)

Note:  this process is now deprecated.  While FrontPage extended servers still have the facility through to their end-of-life date, it is not supported on the new Gen 3 servers.

Quick guide

  • Find the Shared SSL button in the control panel for the domain and click
  • Check "Switch on shared SSL"
  • Change (or accept) the suggested virtual directory name.  We like to delete the "_com" from it as it will appear in your secure url and it's a little ugly, so you can change "myectstore_com" to "myectstore" for example
  • Set the target directory to httpdocs
  • Do not check "Require SSL"
  • Press OK
  • Now in the file vsadmin/includes.asp of your store find the pathtossl parameter and edit the line in Notepad to include your secure url, so if your virtual directory name was set as "myectstore" as in the example above it would look like this:


    where XX is your server number that you log in with.  This setting will force the cart the cross over to the correct secure url during the checkout phase, if you have two admin directories make the change in both for the sake of consistency.

With this configuration there is no need at all to use the httpsdocs folder, or to maintain duplicate copies of your "secure" content anywhere other than your regular httpdocs site folder.

Tips and tricks
You'll notice that that if you click a link while in the secure checkout stage that the link will work but you'll stay on the secure url.  To get around this make the links on your cart.asp page absolute (so like rather then just products.asp), this will ensure browsers are correctly returned to your own url.

Currently we do not have a shared SSL option on our Linux hosting servers.


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