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How do I configure my ecommerce template store e-mail?

This is for the ASP shopping cart.  In your store administration area, go to the "Main Settings" page and set it up like this:

E-mail object
should be set to CDO

SMTP Server
should be set to


These next two boxes should contain the full e-mail address and email password of any full account that you have set up on your domain at ServeLink, it does need to be a full account with a mailbox rather than an e-mail alias or redirect.  

Optionally you can add this line:


to your /vsadmin/includes.asp file.  It's not a requirement at present, but may be necessary in the future as security standards develop, so its use is recommended.

To test the mail sending you can use the "e-mail a friend" function, if it's enabled, to send a message to yourself from one of your product detail pages, or try a quick test order.  You can also resend a previous order email from the store's order administration area.  The shopping cart has one central email function, so if mail sending works in one place it will work everywhere.


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