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How do I configure my ecommerce template PHP store e-mail?

We've recommended the use of PHPmailer in ECT for some years, it puts the missing functionality and security that isn't present with the very basic PHP mail() function back into the mail system of your ECT store.

By default, the PHP mail() function the cart uses will not set a return path in the message header, so it will simply read something like  The recipient won't see this but it can count against your message in spam evaluation and if there is any delivery problem the message cannot be returned to you.  So notifications of message bounces because of an incorrect address, full mailbox, autoresponders and so on will not reach you.  Further, the basic setup can't authenticate to the mail server with a user name and password, something that's become increasingly important and makes it prone to abuse by spammers - many hosts don't allow it at all now.

To get around this you should use the PHPmailer script.  You can fetch the files from here:  (download the project as a zip file by pressing the green button over on the right) and then you just need to upload these two files to your /vsadmin/inc folder:

Once the two PHPmailer files are uploaded to your site you can set the following lines in your /vsadmin/includes.php file:

$usemailer='phpmailer'; // use phpmailer instead of PHP mail() function
$smtphost=''; // mail host name, could also be for UK clients
$smtpport='587'; // mail submission port
$smtpusername=''; // valid e-mail account for authentication
$smtppassword='password_here'; // password for that account
$emailfromname='My ECT Store, Inc.'; // "from" name to appear at top of message

replacing the values as appropriate for your store.


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