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Domain name expiration

Ensuring the continued availability of client sites is very important to us, so by default, domains registered through us are renewed automatically as required according to the following process:

30 days before expiration we will email you to remind you of the upcoming renewal.  There's no need to take any action at this point unless you do not wish us to renew (see below), this is just an advance warning that we will attempt to charge you and renew automatically in due course.

28 days before expiration we will generate an invoice for the renewal amount, based on the same term as the initial registration. Again there's no need to take any action unless you need to pay for the renewal manually, for example if you prefer to pay by PayPal, check or if we don't have your credit card details on file.

21 days before expiration we will attempt to charge your credit card for the invoiced amount and renew the domain immediately if the the payment is successful.  If the payment fails for any reason we will not be able to renew the domain at that time, but we will continue to make weekly attempts for a further three weeks until the date of expiration.

10 days before expiration we will email you to remind you of the upcoming expiration if it has not been handled by this time.

If the domain registration is allowed to expire any associated mail and websites will stop working, however you have the opportunity to pay for the renewal up to 30 days beyond expiration without penalty or the risk of losing the domain.  Beyond that period policies vary considerably by registrar and a regular renewal may not be possible so please open a secure support ticket in the client area for advice.  We aim to respond to all inquiries within one day.

At any time you may renew registration manually for single or multiple years for any of your domains through the client area at  Renewal pricing may also be viewed at this location.

To cancel a domain registration select "Domains" in the client area, choose the site you want to work with by clicking "Manage Domain" and then select "Disable auto-renew" on the Auto-renew tab. You will still receive reminders when renewal time comes around, just in case you changed your mind, but the domain will not be auto-renewed and will ultimately expire.  Disabling auto-renew must be done at least 21 days in advance of the expiration date as registrations are not refundable once completed.