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FTP connection with FileZilla

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FileZilla is popular choice for FTP; it's standards compliant, frequently updated and free.  Available for Windows, Mac and Linux here:

Using it to connect to your ServeLink site is pretty simple.  To begin, open FileZilla and click the icon for the Site Manager in the top left corner:

In the dialog box that opens click "New Site" and then you can enter your site's FTP details.  Complete it like this, substituting your own site name for the host name, then hit "Connect":

Please note that for security reasons we never send passwords by email, instead you can set your password in the client area at "Hosting/services >> click the chevron for more details >> FTP password tab".  If you forget it then you can simply reset it there.  This password represents the keys to your site, so please make it strong and one that's not used anywhere else; you don't need to remember it so it can be as complicated as you like.


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