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How to: set up an IMAP e-mail account with Microsoft Outlook 2016


This article explains how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2016 to collect your e-mail from your ServeLink Windows Server / ASP site, and read it on your computer using the IMAP protocol.  You will have already created an email account in the server control panel.  The set up dialog can be found within Outlook starting at the "File" menu:

That will open to a page where you can start the account creation process, by clicking the "+ Add Account" button:

That in turn opens a window where you begin by entering your full email address that you already created in the ServeLink control panel.  Be sure to expand "Advanced Options", check the box for "Let me set up my account manually" and then click "Connect":

The next window asks what kind of account you want to create.  In this case we are setting up a IMAP account, so choose "IMAP":

The following screen asks you to enter the password for that e-mail account.  Do that and and click "Connect":

At this point Outlook may try and take a guess at some settings.  You don't want that, so just cancel out of this dialog if you see it:

In the next window you get to the important mail settings that will need adjusting to work correctly.  Edit the settings so they are exactly as shown here, then click "Next" to finish up:

Outlook's e-mail account creation is now complete.  You can either repeat the process with another account, or simply click "Done" to close out of this window:

Note: if you are modifying an account that has already exists, or need to get back to the main settings to make adjustments, the quickest route in Outlook seems to be File >> Account Settings >> Server Settings


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