Company profile

We’re proud to say that 2022 will mark our 20th year of providing quality hosting and related services to small businesses and individuals, which has now expanded to server hardware located in both the US and UK, with  clients worldwide, in 25 countries.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California we started out as a web design company, born right in the middle of the dot com crash.  From our offices in San Francisco’s SoMa tech district we watched as one massively funded internet startup after another failed, and the area went from being the center of an industry to a ghost town.

Meanwhile, we continued to develop our own niche in helping to bring the real power of the internet within the reach of real companies and as others closed their doors around us, we succeeded because of our focus on the practicalities of internet commerce for small and medium sized businesses. Site and server management became a specialty eventually leading to the hosting side spinning off into it’s own separate operating unit – ServeLink.

We believe the secret of our success was to remove the barriers surrounding ecommerce, and make it more accessible to those on a smaller budget and without specialist skills. With our help you can build your own web store, bring it to market and deliver your products to a global audience. No magic, no tricks, just the same honest principles that you apply to running your own business.

Our attitude

We’re not a faceless corporation with hundreds of thousands of customers and stockholders that take priority over them. Despite our system being highly automated we know our clients by name, and we think the personal involvement of our founders on a daily basis makes a world of difference. It leads to an attitude where we look after client sites as if they were our own, and technical decisions within our organization are based on what’s best, rather than what’s cheapest.

One of our core principles is that of continuous improvement. We’re constantly re-evaluating our systems and services to find ways of giving better service, better support, better security and better reliability in our products. The aim is to make this part of your business easy, and be just one less thing for you to worry about.

Technical philosophy

We think it’s simple; if you’re serious about your business you need to use the best equipment. But even the best equipment can fail, so we also ensure that every system is redundant – in other words if it breaks there’s a standby already in place.

Take our server hard drives as an example. We start by using enterprise grade SSD drives, they are very expensive and carry much less data (so we get fewer sites per server) but they are also way more reliable and give vastly better performance than conventional hard drives. On the servers we typically arrange them in a RAID 10 array, which means we simultaneously write your data to four or more identical drives. If a drive fails we can replace it and restore the data without any interruption of service.

So we take good care of your data, but it doesn’t stop there. Comprehensive backup systems ensure the maximum safety for your site. Hourly encrypted backups of everything are sent to a special offsite backup facility, also with redundant RAID disk arrays. Once a week we make a further backup to an additional remote location, just in case. It’s all designed to minimize the damage if the worst does happen, and keep your business running smoothly.

Our server hardware is mostly new in 2017 and located in enterprise grade data center facilities, with multiple carrier connections to ensure the best worldwide routing.  Our network has been designed to meet PCI/DSS compliance standards.

If you like the sound of all this then please talk to our sales team to see how we can help you. If you’re already a customer we’d also love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions you may have, and we always guarantee a personal response.