FrontPage shared hosting

Microsoft withdrew FrontPage and the FrontPage server extensions from the market quite a few years ago, but we have found it still surprisingly popular with users. Accordingly, we have carved out a special Windows hosting area where we can keep FrontPage server extensions going for a few more years. If you need FrontPage features such as themes / shared borders,  FrontPage navigation functions, FrontPage forms and search or just prefer to use FrontPage publishing features like publishing only changed files, as opposed to using FTP then this system is for you.  Microsoft Expression users can also leverage these features if they wish.

Our FrontPage system has pretty much all of the modern features of our mainstream Windows systems, and is not simply based on old servers as might be expected, but will likely fall slowly behind over the coming years as it remains anchored to the past with this older Microsoft technology. Current anticipated end-of-life is 2020, but this is subject to change.


  • Disk storage 1000MB
  • Monthly transfer 20GB
  • Hosted websites 1

Best for simple non e-commerce sites with no need for databases or SSL hosting support.


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  • Disk storage 6000MB
  • Monthly transfer 100GB
  • Hosted websites 3

Economic option for multiple sites, host 3 full sites for less than the cost of 2 Plus packages.


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  • Disk storage 10000MB
  • Monthly transfer 250GB
  • Hosted websites 1

Designed for power users with more site resources and premium hosting options.


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Premium disk storage1000MB2000MB6000MB10000MB
Monthly network transfer20GB50GB100GB250GB
Number of websites hosted1131
Sub domains51010
Unlimited domain aliases
Advanced DNS management
Email accounts102575100
Anti-spam & anti-virus
SmarterMail webmail
Classic ASP 3.0
ASP.NET 2.0 & 4.0
PHP 5.3
Microsoft Access
MySQL 5 databases51010
MS SQL Server 2012 database
IIS URL Rewriter
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Expression
Custom error pages
Raw log file access
Full ecommercetemplate compatibility
Free shared SSL
Dedicated SSL ready
PCI/DSS compliant environment
Hourly encrypted offsite backups