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Here is some advice for common connectivity problems experienced after the 2018 Windows server migration, most of these are on account of increased security standards industry-wide, particularly with TLS v1.2 becoming the only secure SSL protocol deemed safe for use. This article applies to shared hosting on Windows Server only.

Secure ftp connections were previously optional, they are now mandatory for obvious reasons. Settings are FTPS explicit with TLS, port 21, passive mode. Use ftp.yoursitename.com rather than IP addresses which can change. All modern FTP clients support these settings so you shouldn’t have any trouble provided you are on the latest version of the software.
CuteFTP setup guide here
FileZilla setup guide here

The new enhanced webmail is now at https://webmail.servelink.com so we can enable a secure connection and avoid ugly browser security warnings, which was not possible using webmail.yourdomain.com. User names and passwords are unchanged.

Outgoing mail is now sent via port 587, in place of the deprecated port 465. Incoming mail shouldn’t change unless you were using non-secure protocols previously, in which case you’ll need to switch to secure SSL/TLS connections. Mail clients are now much less tolerant of domain name mismatches when making secure mail connections, so we’re recommending the following secure mail server names now (as opposed to the previous mail.yoursitename.com which could not be secured):

Outgoing mail:
smtp.servelink.com (port 587/TLS)

Incoming mail:
pop.servelink.com (port 995/SSL)
imap.servelink.com (port 993/SSL)

We’ve tested mail clients as far back as Windows 7 and Outlook 2007 and it works fine. There have been some cases with older systems where it’s been necessary to modify the Windows registry to actually disable TLS v1.0 & TLS v1.1, thereby forcing Outlook to use TLS v1.2, but otherwise no problems. Directions on that here Outlook compatibility with TLS v1.2 Don’t forget webmail is there for you while any issues get worked through.
Microsoft Outlook 2016 setup guide here

A much improved control panel is available from the home page of the client area, using the “Open Control Panel” button.

As with any big step forward of this nature, there are a few pieces of software that get left behind:

* Windows XP & Vista do not and cannot support TLS v1.1 or TLS v1.2 and while we can probably help you work around it in some ways, really they are going to have to go, sorry.

* Both Microsoft Expression Web and Adobe Dreamweaver CS (all versions, including Contribute) are long discontinued products and their developers were unfortunately not far sighted enough to provide TLS v1.2 functionality before they ended support. You can still use them locally for design related tasks, but going forward you’ll need to use a modern FTP client for actually transferring your files to the server. Many have told us they do that anyway as they found the built in Expression/Dreamweaver FTP service to be be buggy and unreliable, so hopefully this won’t be too much of a burden.

Our understanding is that Dreamweaver Creative Cloud (the subscription product) has no problem with TLS v1.2.

* Free shared SSL has been discontinued. With the push from Google and others to make the entire web https:// secure it’s usefulness has diminished and really these days you need your entire site to be SSL/TLS secured, rather than just the checkout process https://servelink.com/ssl-certificates With that in mind we recommend a dedicated SSL certificate for your site and we have a new, free option for non-commercial and low budget sites.

As always, our support crew are here to help you work though any difficulties you might happen upon, just open a secure support ticket in the ServeLink client area and we’ll jump right on it.