Payment processing

We use and highly recommend the payment gateway.  They handle 25% of all US e-commerce transactions so it’s supported by almost all shopping carts and offers a reliable and inexpensive interface between your cart and your credit card merchant account.  A merchant account can optionally be included in the application if required.

Two cart integration methods are commonly used, depending on your needs, the SIM method has your store buyers taken to the site to pay while the AIM method has the entire transaction taking place seamlessly on your site, an SSL certificate required is required for the second method.

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There are a variety of PayPal programs to choose from:

Website Payments Standard

Ideal for the merchant just starting out Standard offers a simple way to get started without the burden of monthly fees, just a simple per-transaction charge.


Starting at just $5 per month this allows your customer to check out on your own site, rather than linking to PayPal, and is supported by many shopping carts.

Website Payments Pro

Pro works well for for more established merchants with a seamless checkout experience remaining on your site and the addition of a virtual terminal and PayPal Express.

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