Support overview

Technical support

More important than any technical support, is technical support that can actually understand what you are asking for and properly answer your questions. We have designed our support section to deliver top quality support when needed; it’s 100% US based and like having your own personal account team. We believe our approach, without any inexperienced “level 1” operators, offers the best balance between high availability and real in-depth quality of response.

Critical response

Vital server services are constantly being monitored by data center staff on a very short cycle, so if a service stops or a network issue develops it should be restarted within a few minutes without needing any further intervention. However if you do have an urgent issue our staff will deal with it right away for you, anytime. This is a 24/7/365 service.

Routine response

Normal support issues are addressed by a highly experienced technician, who is in direct control of your server and understands the unique features of your store. There’s no need to battle endlessly on the front line with junior staff trying to get your issue escalated to someone who knows his business, we only have experts.

How to get help

We do try to keep support issues confined to our ticket system, which ensures clients are properly authenticated and each case is properly queued and documented. We may request to call you back on occasions, if the problem is such that we are having difficulty resolving it via ticket. You can open a support ticket anytime from within our client area and most issues are resolved within a couple of hours. We also have a live chat facility for lightweight support and sales issues.

In trouble right now?

Please head over to the client area and we’ll jump right on your ticket.